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About The Possum Box

The Possum Box is a spin off from the Possums Pollytics site , providing a means for both occasional political writers and new political bloggers to have their work exposed to a larger audience.

While the internet is often described as having removed the barriers to entry in the broad media space, the obscurity faced by new bloggers and occasional writers is the biggest impediment to a new media landscape where quality can be allowed to speak for itself.

This project attempts to assist in exposing new political writers to a larger audience with the hope of facilitating the underlying meritocratic powers of the internet – letting good stuff rise to the top, relatively quickly, even if only in its own niche area.

From my own experience of becoming an accidental blogger in 2007, readership grows from the charitable actions of larger established blogs in picking up the work of new people and exposing them to a larger audience. After being the beneficiary of such exposure by others and becoming an established high traffic blog in my own right, it’s only fair that I now do the same for new writers in the Australian political blogosphere – perhaps even encouraging the development of a valuable tradition in the process.

What comes around, goes around… so to speak.

So while the posts you may read on The Possum Box will have had to pass a basic quality test to be published here – they will still cover a large spectrum of both quality and insight.

So I encourage readers to comment on the articles posted. If you believe them to be erroneous or ill conceived, let the authors have it with both barrels. If you believe they were insightful, let the authors know.

Feedback crafts good writers into great writers, and lets average writers know what they are doing wrong – the necessary first step that allows average writers to become good ones.

If you are an occasional writer looking for some exposure for an article you’ve written, or a new political blogger looking to jump into the den – head on over to the How to Submit page.

If you’re an interested reader, I hope you enjoy.

Possum Comitatus


One Response to “About The Possum Box”

  1. doodle jump.apk I have been meaning to write something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers….

    I have been meaning to write something like this on my site and you have given me an idea. Cheers….

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